Stabling :: Strydom Arabian Stud




  • Stabling – horses over 12 months of age               R3 800,00 p/m, p/horse
  • Stabling 12 months and under (foal)                      R3 400,00 p/m, p/foal     
  • Foal and mare (foal until 3 months)                       R3 800,00 p/m                
  • Stabling – stallions                                                    R4 500,00 p/m, p/horse
  • Show training  - conditioning of horse                  R1 260,00 p/m, p/horse
  • Show training – riding etc.                                      R 1 300,00 p/m, p/horse
  • Endurance training                                                   R1 400 p/m, p/horse         
  • Body clip                                                                     R990,00, p/horse               
  • Face clip                                                                      R482,00, p/horse               
  • Riding lessons per hour                                            R300,00                             
  • Bug spray                                                                    R235,00 p/m, p/horse     
  • Farrier                                                                         R439,00 p/m, p/horse     
  • Deworming horse                                                     R375,00 p/horse               
  • Deworming foal                                                        R320,00 p/foal                
  • Use of walker                                                             R600 p/m, p/horse          
  • Laundry - blankets                                                   R200 p/m, p/horse          
  • Horse stay in camp mare/gelding/foal                  R650 p/m, p/horse          
  • Horse stay in camp colt/stallion                             R800 p/m, p/horse         
  • Hire of stable                                                             R700 P/m, p/horse          
  • Hire of stable Stallions                                             R1100 p/m, p/stallion    
  • Hire of Paddocks                                                       R550 p/m                         


Stabling includes the following: 

  • Full time, professional care
  • Experience grooms 
  • Live in grooms at property
  • Large grass paddocks
  • Trail riding
  • Concentrate 2-4 times a day 4kg max
  • Hay
  • Grooming
  • 2 horses 10 % discount
  • 3 horses 12 % discount
  • 4 horses 13 % discount
  • 5 horses 15 % discount


Basic stabling excludes the following:

  • Exercise
  • Veterinary/medical expenses
  • Lessons/Trainer
  • Shoeing/farrier


Strydom Arabian Stud offers 148 stables.  

9 different stable blocks

4m x 4m stables

5m x 4m stables

6m x 6m stables

Seperated stallion stables

Well ventilated stables




4 round pens and a walker.

Automatic walker, walk, trot and canter easy in this big 8 place walker

Footing, rubber chips and silica sand

Left side is an covered round pen, walls covered with conveyer belt.  Footing is rubber and silica sand.

Right side open round pen, walls covered with conveyer belt.  Footing silica sand.

Another open round pen, conveyer belt and footing silica sand.


A big open round pen, horses can canter in, filled with silica sand.

Poles are bended, your horse legs are safe from getting injured from the poles.  

Not your normal round exercise ring.




Huge paddocks covered with grass.



Big grass Riding Arena



Covered areana for showing horses.  Big enough to ride in.

Footing, rubber chips and silica sand


Equipped equine laboratorium


Offices on top of stables.  View to both the walker and exercise ring